Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Freestyle Your Life

The Opportunity of a Lifetime 

Hi y'all, I wanted to share a great opportunity if you've ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur on your own terms. Since joining the Stella & Dot community I've learned and grown so much in my personal and professional life. The opportunity as a Stella & Dot Stylist has afforded me the ability to do what I truly love, connecting with great people and friends all while earning additional income. As a Stella & Dot Stylist you can earn on your own terms. It's very exciting to see how easily you can make sales by wearing fashionable jewelry and accessories. 

My Why for joining was to get free jewelry and accessories all while getting in on the phenomenal Stylists perks! I also like the idea of how flexible it is to be present with my family and not impinge on my existing responsibilities. As a Stylist you truly can "free-style" your life by doing as much or as little you choose to do. In addition, to my guilty pleasure for irresistible jewelry I've also been able to provide great opportunities for travel and families trips! What is your "Why?" 

What do you have to lose? Right now, there's an awesome deal going on that's essentially risk free! Join during the month of June for the initial starter fee of $199 and you have the opportunity to get a rebate for your initial starter kit fees. It's a win-win and once in a lifetime opportunity that may not become available again. If you're interested and want to take advantage of this great promo before the end of the month, I'd be more than willing to further discuss with you. So what are you waiting for...act now and earn while you get free jewels!

Here, I've done the math for you. That's over $850 in free jewelry and accessories plus approximately $450 in cash off to boot. That's all for doing something that you'll love. Need I say more! 

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