Thursday, May 1, 2014

Chic Mother's Day Craft

Hey Y'all, Mother's Day is just around the corner can you believe it! I came across this cute Mother's Day craft off of Anthropologie's Blog. It's simple, crafty and chic. For those with little ones this is a great craft that you can do with the kiddos reminiscent of the elementary school-age noodle craft from your childhood.

What You'll Need

Penne, or other wide pasta tubes
Hemp rope
Acrylic paints
Small paintbrushes
Glitter (optional)

**Oh, and cute kids required**
How to Make It
1. Penne pasta was our noodle of choice—it’s large enough for kids to paint and easy to string.

2. Use acrylic paints. The range of colors and pigmentation can’t be beat—it’s beautiful and long-lasting, so mamas can save their necklaces forever!

3. If you like you can add a few glittered noodles here and there because everyone loves a little sparkle! We brushed the noodle with mod podge but you could also just sprinkle glitter 

on top of the wet paint.

4. Let the noodles dry overnight on parchment paper so they don’t stick.

5. Once dry, string the necklaces on hemp rope. Hemp is stiff enough for the kids to string easily, yet soft enough to lie nicely. Put a little tape on the end to help them feed it through the noodles.

That's it! You now have a chic and super crafty necklace compliments of the kiddos!

Hope you all have terrific Mother's Day!!

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