Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Life With My Boys

I'm so happy to share that I'm starting a new series... "Life With My Boys". If you're a Boy-Mom or have kids follow along on our adventures in the Williams' household. I'm sure you'll find a chuckle or two. My hope is I might be able to share my stories and inspire other moms.

Last week I had the great opportunity to accompany the Middle and his third-grade class to the "Living Desert Musuem" in Palm Desert. We have such a great time. There's nothing like spending the day with a bunch of eight-year olds to give you a reality check, especially if your child is as rambunctious and adventurous as mine to let you know your child is normal. Lol.

Here are a few pictures from our day at the Museum.

The Living Desert Musuem 

Life-size giraffe. This was such an awesome view.

Goats at the petting zoo.

Oh, hey...just looking at the bulls.

This mountain lion was ferocious. 

We watched a show where this little fellow was the highlight of the show.

Learning about antlers and other fossils. 

Here's our small group at the end of the trip. 

If you're ever in the Palm Desert area I highly recommend you stop by the Musuem. It's a great family outting and I'm sure the kids will love it! 

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