Monday, March 10, 2014

Ten Simple Joys

Hi There! It feels like forever since I blogged. I've been busy with the kids and school so I thought I'd take a quick break and write a post. This one is focused on life's simple pleasures. 

Here Are My Ten Simple Joys...

1. Drinking homemade sweet tea.
2. Eating cotton candy ice cream.
3. A long hot shower uninterrupted without the kids.
4. Coming home to a CLEAN home.
5. A manicure/pedicure.
6. Freshly cut flowers, I absolutely love tulips.
7. Sleeping in on the weekends.
8. A freshly made bed with clean, crisp linen.
9. The sweet smell of Anthro candles burning.
And rounding off the list...
10. Of course, good ole fruit smoothies...any flavor will do. I simply love them especially in my Mason jars.

What are your simple pleasures? I'd love to hear.

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