Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Hair Story

Hi y'all I'm writing this post straight from the beauty salon. As I sit here and wait to get my hair done so many questions are running through my mind. For instance, how long is it going to take for my stylist to get to me, how many other people hair she's going to wash, perm, etc. before she gets to me while I wait under the dryer AND most importantly how can I properly care for my hair on my own?

Don't get me wrong, I love my hair stylist and I've been going to her for so many years but there has got to be something better than wasting numerous hours of my day when I scheduled an appointment. I'm a professional and I expect those that I entrust with the care of my hair or whatever service I'm seeking (and paying for) to be as professional. Now, I know you're probably saying that this is nothing new...and many stylist double/triple book clients all the time. Well, yes in the black community it's expected to be an all-day event when you get your hair done. But, I ask why is this acceptable? When other ethnicities get their hair styled at salons they have a set appointment that their stylist adheres to. So, I have stumbled over the decision on going natural.

I have contemplated going natural for some time now however with any major decision in my life I decided to do some research. So I've taken to Pinterest and pinned a gazillion pictures on styles that I've been drawn to. Lately, I've been drawn to Afros and Havanna twists. Here's my top pics.

Natural Hair Styles I'm Lovin'

What of you think? Do you think I can pull this off? The next question is how to style & care for natural hair. Now, that's a whole other post that I'll have to do my research on.

What are your hair care dilemmas? I'd love to hear. 

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