Monday, March 10, 2014

Life with Beckham

Life with Beckham is such a joy. He brings so much laughter and excitement into our lives. He's 17 months already, Oh my I can't believe how time flies. I want to share a little behind the scenes with, "A Day in the Life with Beckham".

Life with Beckham

By now Beckham is quite the talker. He has a pretty big vocabulary for his age. He knows quite a few words: 
-Mom (of course)
-Chase- he calls everyone "Chase" besides Mommy & Daddy.
-Trash- he's definitely My BOY! He runs to throw out any trash and even his own diapers.
-Hot- he knows when anything is hot and will tell you.
Juice- he loves his juice! 

In addition to his big vocabulary he has a pretty big appetite. Some of his favorite foods are:
-Chicken nuggets
-Gold fish crakers
-Animal crackers
-Welches fruit snacks

Fine Motor Skills & Development
Beckham is very active. He's constantly on the go! I am amazed at how much he seems to get into. But, this is nothing new with three BOYS! He knows how to climb stairs up/down. He can feed himself with assistance, we're working on the mess. He likes to put on his shoes, or should I say bring them to you to put on to go bye-bye. And he absolutely love his football. He takes it everywhere with him. 

All in all, I love these moments and cherish every bit. Beckham truly lights up all our lives.

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Tiffani Hudson said...

He is absolutely adorable!

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