Sunday, March 30, 2014

5 Things Every Woman Should Know

Hi Y'all!! This is a post that every woman can appreciate. I recently had lunch with one of my Blogger and long time friend,Tiffani at "Next On Tiff's List". We shared some mimosas and interestingly enough this post was born out of a simple dilemma. How does one uncork a bottle of wine?

Here's my list of the 'Top Five Things Every Woman Should Know'

Top Five Things Every Woman Should Know

1. How to uncork a bottle of wine. Sadly, I did not know how to do this until recently.  I've had the privilege of the Mr. uncorking all our bottles of wine. It wasn't until I learned from my friend Tiff how to properly uncork a bottle of wine. What can I say...I'm a quick study. Cheers!!

2. How to correctly set a table. I can't say how important this is for a woman to know, especially if you have a family with kids. And more importantly with boys. Teach your child while they're young how to set the table. Better yet, include them in on the fun by allowing them to set the dinner table. You should know how to set a formal table along with which utensils to eat with. If you need help on this one Pinterest has a lot of tutorials online.

3. How to properly pair and order a bottle of wine. This is a good one. How many know how to correctly order a glass of wine and know the different varietals? Or do you simply rely on your beaux to order for you? I say empower yourself, sistah! And learn how to order your own glass of wine and what it is exquisitely paired with in terms of fruit, cheeses and food.

4. Have your own signature dish. As a "Domestic Diva" (insert in-training) I say it's a must that you have your own signature dish and own that *#%*! Whether your go-to dish is homemade spaghetti sauce or pot roast you should have a dish that you're known for that is sure to please hungry bellies and the masses at-large.

5. How to properly style flowers. I can't tell you how many times I've incorrectly seen pictures of flowers posted on IG. I don't know if these perpetraitors are just happy to post pictures of their flowers or it's my type-A personality? It literally kills me to see flowers placed in a vase with the leaves still on (no pun intended) but it kills the flowers. As a child of a florist I grew up around beautiful flowers all the time. I never really paid any attention until late in life. I appreciate and absolutely love fresh flowers. However, in order to showcase their beauty and prolong their life one must know how to properly care and style them.

I love these beautys. They're shown on one of my IG favorite Myleik. They're perfectly styled parrot tulips. Aren't they gorgeous. 


How do you fare with the necessities on this list? I'd love to hear.

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