Friday, December 6, 2013

Fun Mother & Son Activities

They only stay little for a moment but cherish your heart forever. The bond between a mother and child is special and the relationship between a mother and her son let's just say it's unreal. I'm a proud Mom of THREE crazy and active Boys! They range from Teen (Lawd, help me!!), pre-tween, and toddler (Yes, an active little busy bee). 

I decided awhile ago I wanted to find ways to spend quality time with my boys. So I came up with the idea of "Mini Dates with my Beaux". 

Here are some creative yet fun ideas to spend quality time with the little men in your life for all ages. 

Mini Date Ideas:

1. Coffee Date-Enjoy a candid conversation over a cup of tea and/or hot cocoa at your Coffee House of choice. Ask questions about their current interests and important things going on in their life. You know sometimes it's ruff being a third-grader. Lol. For my teen it's an opportunity for him to share his passion about sports and music.
2. Visit your Local Museum- Nearly every city has a local museum whether its focus is on natural history, arts or culture. This will help impart valuable knowledge and awareness of cultural history and heritage long after they're young. 
3. Visit Local Library-My favorite is the Huntington Tea Room. It's located in San Marino, CA.  They offer a children's menu with kid-friendly choices such as grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This is a great opportunity to instill the value of the arts and a love for natural beauty.
4. Movie Night-During the summer months our local community sponsors a "Movie in the Park". This is a great opportunity to get outside take in the open air and watch a great movie. 
5. Sport Attraction-Support a local team or the majors. We are a Laker family so naturally a Laker home game is always a good choice!
6. Gymboree-These classes offer a variety options for infants through toddlers. They encourage development through play and learning with their programs designed to support your child's growth at his or her own individual pace.
7. Beach Day-We live in sunny Southern California and fortunate to have warm weather throughout a good portion of the year. So sand castles and boogey boarding is an all-time favorite.
8. Snow Day-Situated in the heart the mountains Big Bear Lake offers a fun atmosphere for snow boarding and skiing for big and and small.
9. Volunteering-Giving back and helping out those that are less fortunate is big for us. Developing a spirit of giving while they're young is important. Whether its donating gently used clothes, unused toys or helping out at a local mission this is a great opportunity to cultivate a sense of giving and community service.
10. Karaoke-I'm no Mariah Carey, but I do love to have a little fun!! So, me and my Rock Stars like to bring out the Wii and do Karaoke and sing a tune or two! You'd be amazed at how fun this can be while working up a sweat. 

Here's my little Rocker!!
As I embark on the journey of raising strong, respectable and caring men I hope to one day look back on the moments that we shared together as mother and son. Before you know it one day they will be grown with a family of their own making their own special moments with their kids. (Insert tear here! )

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