Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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Hello Flipflops and Mimosas Readers!! Happy Holidays to you all. I am LaNesha and I blog over at Choosing The Better Part. I'm happy to be sharing with you today. One of the things you'd come to learn about me pretty quickly is that I love to make things pretty. I truly believe that life is more enjoyable when things are fun to look at. It's the small things, ammirite!?

So I thought I'd share my holiday decor challenge. I decided to set a budget of $50.00 and stick with it!
So I used to feel some kind of way about the words Walmart, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, etc... 
But now- those are my favorite stores! It's totally possible to maintain beauty on a budget!! 

Here are my finds! This is a mix of the new things and the old things I had last year. 

Flowers- $2.00 combo from Dollar Tree 
Wreath details below! 

Wreaths for the garage...
Details below! 

one pack of bows to decorate the wreaths...$4.00

plain wreaths...4 of them at $4.00! 

Golden trees- Dollar tree- a total of 5 dollars!

this was a Target must-have. I got it last year and paid way too much. But it's so pretttttttty. 

Peppermint mat with Poinsettias from Big Lots- around 6 dollars! 

Entryway glam! 

Kitchen Gingerbread Fun

last year, I framed a really pretty Christmas Card in an old unused frame! 

...and my favorite score of the season- these plates and chargers from the DOLLAR TREE!! 
Couldn't believe it. The pattern was so chic! Just tell everyone you got them from Crate and Barrel. 

Don't let your budget stop you from having a warm and cozy home during Christmas. It's all about finding the right items from the cheap stores! 

If I had to narrow my tricks of the trade into three statements, it would be: 
1. Solid colors are good. When you're buying cheap stuff you'll want to stick with the basics. They can pass for quality stuff a little easier! 
2. Add candles to everything you can. The glow gives off a sparkle which invokes the feeling of cozy instantly. And the house will smell great! 
3. Dig! Don't get the items on the main displays- ESPECIALLY from places like Walmart where everyone shops. You can find awesome things all over the place for a much cheaper price. 

Merry Holidays to you all, come say hello sometime!! 


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