Monday, December 30, 2013

Sparkling Cider Champagne

The holidays season is almost over and a new year is about to begin. Most of us will be celebrating what the New Year will bring. So here's a festive (non-alcoholic) drink for everyone!

Sparkling Cider Champagne



2 quarts apple cider

2 cups cranberry juice (or a mixture of fruit juice including cranberry)

2 quarts ginger ale

Mix, chill and serve & Enjoy!!

For those that will be drinking alcohol, remember to drink responsibly.

Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

DIY Glitter Wine Glasses

DIY Glitter Wine Glasses

New Year's Eve is just around the corner. Me, being a huge DIY fanatic, I decided to give a couple pair of our wine glasses a makeover. It's easier than easy, takes no time at all, and makes a big, glittery difference!

Here's what you'll need:

• Wine glass(es) (Similar found at Dollar Tree)
• Loose Glitter
• Paintbrush 
• Mod Podge (you can also use spray paint adhesive glue)
• Something to cover your work area (newspaper, etc... It gets pretty messy)

First, paint the bottom of the glass using your Mod Podge. Technically, you can paint anywhere you want glitter to be. I did not paint the top of the glass because personally I wouldn't want my mouth on glitter and Mod Podge...

After getting a decent coat of Mod Podge on the glass or for a shortcut use spray paint glitter (shown here), generously sprinkle glitter all over it. You can tap the glass on the newspaper a few times to get the excess glitter off as well. 

...And that's pretty much it! After you let the glitter set for a few minutes, you can go over it with another coat of Mod Podge, just to make sure it sticks nicely.

Cheers, to a Happy New Year & 2014!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fancy DIY Mugs

Hi Beautiful Girls!! I'm bringing to you another cute and easy project.

                Fancy DIY Mug

I saw this cute DIY project on Pinterest so I thought I'd give it a try! 

Here's the method: 

All you need is a sharpie (any color) and a porcelain dish that you want to permanently alter. You can even use super cheap mugs from the dollar store to create gifts or party favors. Just draw on the surface of your mug and bake it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Allow them to cool completely before washing or using. 

Here's mine along the way.

Start with clean porcelain mugs. Apply your design with Sharpie markers. 

Heat in 350 degree oven for approximately 30 minutes.

Allow to dry for the print to completely set.

And you're done~you now have a fancy and fabulous mug to drink your tea (or coffee).

Enjoy my friends!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dear Santa,

My wish list is pretty basic this year. I really had to think hard because I basically have everything a girl could ask for already. It's a few wants, but also, a little necessity. I'm not asking for anything overly fancy or trendy, just a few things that would make me really, really, really happy! I'm a simple girl I know what I like. So here are the top items on my wish list.

My Christmas List:

1. Pink sparkle Tom's-why not? They're PINK!! Need I say more. 

2. Philosophy Amazing Grace perfume- I just can't get enough of this scent. It's feminine and floral undertone is amazing.

3. Tory Burch earrings- I love Tory and I love even more her simple and preppy style. These heart logo earrings would make a basic staple item for my wardrobe. 

4. Bath & Body Works Lamb slippers- I need a new pair of slippers and these are so cute! They're perfect for cozy weather indeed. 

So you see, nothing overly fancy. I'm a simple girl with simple wishes. It doesn't take much to please me. So, even if I get nothing on this list, I'll still be a happy girl. I already have everything to be thankful for already!

So what are you asking Santa for this year? Fancy stuff? I'd love to hear all about it.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Home Tour

We're just a few days out before Christmas and I can't wait! I wanted to share our holiday home decor. This year the central focus was on the dinning area. The color scheme I chose was red, green and accented with an unexpected brown. The finished look came out amazing.

Here are a few photos of our festive decor perfect and just in time for the holidays.

Season's Greetings & Happy Holidays!! 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Join My Blog Giveaway!

Hi There, it's finally time to announce my Blog Giveaway Winner

And the winner is.... Shanna Williams!!!
(Shanna, please provide your contact info to receive your Target Gift Card)

Thank you all that have joined the site thus far. I hope you enjoy reading and I look forward to sharing more fun and exciting content in the future. It's still not too late to join the site. I love Feedback! Let me know what you would like to see.

Thanks SO much for all your support! 

The Perfect Mani

I am absolutely obsessed with the polish from the Revlon line. The greatest thing about this polish is the lasting power. I used Spirit & Sparkling to create the most perfect mani. This polish is literally the most gorgeous thing ever. Get your hands on it at your local store. 

Look at that sparkle! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Giveaway

Hey, there!! We're just a few days away from my Fantastic Holiday Giveaway.

Join the Flip Flops & Mimosa Blog Giveway.

Be sure to Join the Site to be entered into the running for a FREE Target Giftcard. The contest runs until December 14th. 

Thanks, so much for all your support and feedback. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Fun Mother & Son Activities

They only stay little for a moment but cherish your heart forever. The bond between a mother and child is special and the relationship between a mother and her son let's just say it's unreal. I'm a proud Mom of THREE crazy and active Boys! They range from Teen (Lawd, help me!!), pre-tween, and toddler (Yes, an active little busy bee). 

I decided awhile ago I wanted to find ways to spend quality time with my boys. So I came up with the idea of "Mini Dates with my Beaux". 

Here are some creative yet fun ideas to spend quality time with the little men in your life for all ages. 

Mini Date Ideas:

1. Coffee Date-Enjoy a candid conversation over a cup of tea and/or hot cocoa at your Coffee House of choice. Ask questions about their current interests and important things going on in their life. You know sometimes it's ruff being a third-grader. Lol. For my teen it's an opportunity for him to share his passion about sports and music.
2. Visit your Local Museum- Nearly every city has a local museum whether its focus is on natural history, arts or culture. This will help impart valuable knowledge and awareness of cultural history and heritage long after they're young. 
3. Visit Local Library-My favorite is the Huntington Tea Room. It's located in San Marino, CA.  They offer a children's menu with kid-friendly choices such as grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This is a great opportunity to instill the value of the arts and a love for natural beauty.
4. Movie Night-During the summer months our local community sponsors a "Movie in the Park". This is a great opportunity to get outside take in the open air and watch a great movie. 
5. Sport Attraction-Support a local team or the majors. We are a Laker family so naturally a Laker home game is always a good choice!
6. Gymboree-These classes offer a variety options for infants through toddlers. They encourage development through play and learning with their programs designed to support your child's growth at his or her own individual pace.
7. Beach Day-We live in sunny Southern California and fortunate to have warm weather throughout a good portion of the year. So sand castles and boogey boarding is an all-time favorite.
8. Snow Day-Situated in the heart the mountains Big Bear Lake offers a fun atmosphere for snow boarding and skiing for big and and small.
9. Volunteering-Giving back and helping out those that are less fortunate is big for us. Developing a spirit of giving while they're young is important. Whether its donating gently used clothes, unused toys or helping out at a local mission this is a great opportunity to cultivate a sense of giving and community service.
10. Karaoke-I'm no Mariah Carey, but I do love to have a little fun!! So, me and my Rock Stars like to bring out the Wii and do Karaoke and sing a tune or two! You'd be amazed at how fun this can be while working up a sweat. 

Here's my little Rocker!!
As I embark on the journey of raising strong, respectable and caring men I hope to one day look back on the moments that we shared together as mother and son. Before you know it one day they will be grown with a family of their own making their own special moments with their kids. (Insert tear here! )

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I ❤ Pinterest

I love Pinterest!! See what I'm up to and follow my pins. Check out my latest and greatest ideas on Pinterest!!
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Featured Blogger

Hello Flipflops and Mimosas Readers!! Happy Holidays to you all. I am LaNesha and I blog over at Choosing The Better Part. I'm happy to be sharing with you today. One of the things you'd come to learn about me pretty quickly is that I love to make things pretty. I truly believe that life is more enjoyable when things are fun to look at. It's the small things, ammirite!?

So I thought I'd share my holiday decor challenge. I decided to set a budget of $50.00 and stick with it!
So I used to feel some kind of way about the words Walmart, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, etc... 
But now- those are my favorite stores! It's totally possible to maintain beauty on a budget!! 

Here are my finds! This is a mix of the new things and the old things I had last year. 

Flowers- $2.00 combo from Dollar Tree 
Wreath details below! 

Wreaths for the garage...
Details below! 

one pack of bows to decorate the wreaths...$4.00

plain wreaths...4 of them at $4.00! 

Golden trees- Dollar tree- a total of 5 dollars!

this was a Target must-have. I got it last year and paid way too much. But it's so pretttttttty. 

Peppermint mat with Poinsettias from Big Lots- around 6 dollars! 

Entryway glam! 

Kitchen Gingerbread Fun

last year, I framed a really pretty Christmas Card in an old unused frame! 

...and my favorite score of the season- these plates and chargers from the DOLLAR TREE!! 
Couldn't believe it. The pattern was so chic! Just tell everyone you got them from Crate and Barrel. 

Don't let your budget stop you from having a warm and cozy home during Christmas. It's all about finding the right items from the cheap stores! 

If I had to narrow my tricks of the trade into three statements, it would be: 
1. Solid colors are good. When you're buying cheap stuff you'll want to stick with the basics. They can pass for quality stuff a little easier! 
2. Add candles to everything you can. The glow gives off a sparkle which invokes the feeling of cozy instantly. And the house will smell great! 
3. Dig! Don't get the items on the main displays- ESPECIALLY from places like Walmart where everyone shops. You can find awesome things all over the place for a much cheaper price. 

Merry Holidays to you all, come say hello sometime!! 


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Favorite Blogs

Happy December!! Welcome to my first round of Favorite Bloggers! I am SO excited to introduce to you some of my favorite bloggers out here in blogland!

This week's Featured Blogger is La Nesha Tabb from Choosing the Better Part ( me just begin by saying that she is amazing. Not only does she author an amazing blog (You might know her from We Are the Tabbs) but she also designs blogs as well as party designs! She designed my blog layout and I used her as well for Beckham's party items. You should definitely take time to stop by to say hello to her and visit her site at Darling & Simple. I seriously admire this lady! She is beautiful inside and out!

Don't forget to enter my Holiday Giveaway if you haven't done so already.... The giveaway prize is a $25 Target gift card. I will be giving away the gift card to one lucky winner just for joining my Blog. Be sure to join before December 14th. I will be announcing the winner on my Blog. Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!
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