Monday, October 28, 2013

Las Vegas, Baby!

This past weekend we visited our home away from home Las Vegas! We went with my husband's family to celebrate his cousin's birthday. This was our first time staying at this hotel and I'm glad we did. We had such a nice weekend filled with laughter, food and good ole fashion fun!

 Here are a few pictures to capture the moments. 

We stayed at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa. (Def a 5 star hotel)

Look at my relaxing view.

The hubs and the kids.

Boys will be boys...check out their human tower.

The pool area was fantastic.

Check out our CabaƱa for the day. 

Time for a little drinky drink. Ahhh!

Beckham stuntin' in his shades.

And here he is with the Birthday Girl. 

All in all we had such a good time. In fact, we had such a nice and relaxing time we plan on going back. If you're ever in the Las Vegas area and looking for a nice family-friendly hotel with superb accommodations check out the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

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