Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cooking 101

Just checking in... I wanted to share this past weekend the Mr. & I had one of the best Date Nights ever! We attended a cooking class. I know you're probably wondering 'how in the world did I get him to agree to that!' It happened after much grooming and a little coerced measures. 

So here's the deets! On the menu for the evening was Lobster Ravioli, Parmesan bread, salmon croquettes, and cannoli for dessert. We made everything from scratch, yes I said from SCRATCH! I never knew how fun it was to make fresh Italian pasta and bread from scratch.

Here are a few pics in action from our night.

Pasta in the making.

The finished product. Yum!!

Oh, and our Parmesan bread.

And for dessert cannoli and crepes made from you guessed it, scratch.


It was that good!

And here we are with the Master Chef.

What a great night. I even learned a few cooking techniques along the way. Thanks to Cooking 101.

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Faith said...

A cooking class date night sounds like a blast! Food looks amazing!

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