Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer Bucket List

With the last few days of summer and fall officially here this Sunday I wanted to check-in with the status of our family's Summer Bucket List.

At the beginning of the summer we set out for some mini yet achievable goals to do as a family. The list was pretty basic but the goal in mind was to have FUN as a family.

Here's the top five items on our list.

#1: Family road trip to you guessed it... Las Vegas, Baby! (Check ✔)
We had so much fun. In fact, we expanded the trip to include my husband's family too (the more the merrier). In all we had seven adults and ELEVEN kids in total. We rented a fabulous house in Las Vegas for the Fourth of July weekend. 

Here are some pics of our stay.

Beckham hot tubbin' it with the cuties (i.e. cousins)

Here he is soaking in some rays! He's about that life (Right?).

The backyard pool was AMAZING! (Cannon Ball!)

Here's Beck with his Auntie.

And another Auntie (Can you feel the love?) Lol.

My two sis stylin' and profiling 

And the BOYS!

#2 Summer Popsicles for the Kiddos (Check ✔)

Here are our delicious fruit pops made with real fruit juice.

#3 Homemade Cookies with the Littles (Check✔-)

We cheated a little on this one and had some help from our good 'ole friend Pillsbury and made chocolate chip cookies *shrugs oh well*

#4 Family Beach Day (Check ✔)

This year we went to Santa Barbara. They have the best beach by far. Perfect clear waters.

We loved the Pier.

Look at this Beauty.

And we even stopped by a skate park (Yes, I got Boys!)

#5 Visit to the Aquarium (Check ✔)

While in Santa Barbara we visited the local aquarium on the Pier. They had lots of different sea creatures on exhibit. Here are a few that captured our eyes.

The sting rays.

The great big grey whale.

And these cute little starfishes.

All-in-all I'd say our summer was quite fun. We spent some quality time together with the kids. The Mr. and I even got to break away for some quality time too!

Date Night with Wine & Canvas.

And a trip around the New Port Harbor.

The Final score: 5-0 Not bad!! 

I hope you all had a fun and safe summer!

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