Sunday, September 8, 2013

Santa Barbara Gettaway

This weekend the Mr. and I celebrated seven years of marital bliss (or sweet torture if you ask him) {smile inserted here}. We decided to go to Santa Barbara for the weekend to celebrate. 

We thought it would be nice to take the train to Santa Barbara. So this year we took the kids so they could experience the train ride. 

Here are some of the moments captured through pics from our trip.

The Amtrack Station.
We left out of the famous Union Station.

Waiting at Union Station.

On the train ride. Keeping entertained.

We stayed at Hotel Indigo in Santa Barbara. It was ├╝ber chic and very modern. Visit their website:

I loved our room. The Hotel Indigo offers hip and trendy accommodations. Their  Euro-style hotel has combined the historic beauty of the area with the architectural sophistication of contemporary design, offering hip, affordable accommodations for style-minded guests. 

I loved the exposed brick.

The guestrooms are cleverly designed to make the most of limited space and include European style wet bathrooms. 

Enjoy an array of first-class amenities like free WIFI throughout the hotel, stylish rooftop lounges, a fitness facility and fully equipped business center. Experience Riviera, city or palm views from the comfort of your room with private gardens. Then, immerse yourself in our on site Art Library.

They're pet-friendly too!

Our first day we had breakfast at a great corner restaurant with charm named Eladios.

Of course I had to get a lovely mimosa!

My breakfast. I ordered Belgian Waffles.

After breakfast we went for a walk on the pier. We visited the sea aquarium. 

We saw lots of sea creatures including these sting rays.

The Great Grey Whale.

And these star fishes.

Later our whole family went for a bike ride on the pier. Here's Chase and Beckham before our ride.

For lunch we ate at a nice restaurant Bay Roadhouse Bar & Grill on State Street and had some nice wine pairings.

Here's my lunch. I had carbona tacos!

Sunday morning I woke up to this beautiful smile. Beckham is a renowned traveler, you know? 

For lunch we ate at the Santa Barbara Harbor Restaurant on the pier. I had delicious Maine Lobster tacos. Yum!!

Later on we went on a land and sea tour of Santa Barbara on the "Land Shark". This is a me and the hubs waiting in line. 

Here we are all aboard the "Land Shark"

We had a fabulous tour visiting the main attractions. 

The Santa Barbara Courthouse. It was beautiful inside and out.

This famous fig tree is 136 years old.

The Santa Barbara Harbor.

We ran into these cute sea lions on the tour.
With all the excitement someone was pooped out and fell asleep. 

I think we had a great time on our weekend gettaway to Santa Barbara celebrating our Anniversary with the kids!


Faith said...

Happy anniversary!

Looks like a great getaway! Food looked amazing, yum!

Beautiful pictures!

Astrid Mickens said...

Hey Faith, we had a wonderful time. The food was amazing and the kids enjoyed themselves too!

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