Sunday, September 1, 2013

Harbor Cruise

This weekend the Mr. And I got the opportunity to have some fun to celebrate the end to summer with some amazing family and friends. We went on a harbor cruise around the New Port Harbor near Balboa Beach.

Our cruise set sail right before sunset so we got some terrific views not to mention a glimpse at the most wonderful waters that Southern California has to offer.

Here are some pics of our lively group and fun set at sail.

Our view before we set sail.

Ahhh Yeah! 

Getting the PARTAY started with Jello Shots.

Fun times set at sail.

Pouring a little bubbly.

The good life!

Some amazing views of the homes. Can we say Old Money!

An amazing boat 'The Invictus' not ours. But we were in awe. Lol. 

Me and the Mr. Look at his face. That would be love! Or something like it. (Haha!)

We had so much fun that we got lost, no kidding like 2 hours lost. Here's a pic of us lost at sea.

Thank goodness the Coast Sheriffs found us and directed us back to the bay. Luckily we were in good company sharing fun times that it didn't even seem like it was that long. A great time was had by all! Watch out now!

Here's to the end of summer! Hope y'all enjoyed the weekend.

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